The Resilient Band Comes to Outriggers

The Resilient is an American rock band primarily composed of severely wounded U.S. combat veterans, whose focus is writing and performing music that reflects the inspirations and hardships they’ve experienced in both their civilian lives and military careers.

In 2012, after suffering devastating injuries in Afghanistan, lead vocalist Tim Donley and guitarist Nate Kalwicki were rehabilitating at Walter Reed Military Hospital. During that time they joined MusiCorps, a music program for wounded warriors, where they befriended professional musician and teaching artist Greg Loman. With fresh wounds and a vast new space to fill in their lives, the veterans plunged into the spiritually, physically and emotionally healing pursuit of music, practicing relentlessly and forming a lasting brotherhood in the process.

The Resilient’s rare combination of artistic freedom and military discipline amplifies their message of hope and perseverance. True to their name, they exist in utter defiance of limitations associated with their unique physical circumstances and have overcome the unthinkable. Now they’re living like there’s no tomorrow.

See The Resilient play at Outriggers on Sunday, November 12th from 2-6pm, sponsored by New South Window Solutions!

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